Shreenath Reed Industries

Water Jet Reed,Sulzer Reed,Rapier Reed,Pich Bound,Double Dented Reed,Comb Reed,Tape Reed,Jute Reed,All Type Of Textile Reed

Shreenath Reed Industries was established in 1985 by Mr. Mansukhbhai Kanani. It is managed by his sons Mr. Harshadbhai Kanani and Mr. Bhupendra Kanani. We have proficient experience in manufacturing textile reeds. We have well experienced worker and technicians. We always moves with time and capable by acquiring new technologies to manufacture reeds for advanced machines . Automation is carried out for reed making to get perfection and give 100% quality assured Reeds to customers by Shreenath Reed Industries.

Here, at Shreenath Reed Industries, we believe in Qualitative goods. Hence we are one of the top company by offering First class reeds to all reeders among the world. We offer extremely high tolerance reeds with the highest competitive prices. We are one of the best high-quality reed suppliers in the regional or foreign market, at a low-cost and on-time delivery. Time by time the company is growing with high working capital. We keep expanding our production capacity to satisfy and serve more clients.

Nowadays, new schemes are aiding the small-scale textile owners and village weavers in setting up work. This would be beneficial for the weavers. Not only small-scale workers but also large-scale weaving machines and quality reeds provided by us are now being used to increase the export of our traditional clothes and apparel in the international market.

These reeds are durable and strong enough to be used for a large span of time. Weaving would now become easier with technological advancements made in the direction of the advancement of the textile industry of the country.

We acquire new technologies to give our clients best quality reeds for any machine either local or imported. We are the one step solution for any type of textile reed.

To cut a long story short, we guarantee you the best quality reeds at the best possible price.

Our Mission :

At Shreenath, we are committed to offer the highest quality, customized as well as the standard range of Reeds for Textile Weaving machines, conceivable through new technologies and with our highly skilled workmanship within a committed delivery schedule.

Values :

Shreenath's values are how we do business and our guiding principles. We make clear communications, do a superior performance, and offer professional integrity through its accountability towards work through Quality, Innovation, Efficiency, and safety. We offer innovative, economical and effective solutions to clients.

Infrastructure :

Better the Infrastructure, Better the Strength. For any company, its plant and machinery installed is its real strength. At Shreenath Reed Industries, we have carefully installed a holistic infrastructure that caters to the generic as well as specific requirements of the textile industry. We ensures a one-stop solution for wide spectrum of textile reeds. Our infrastructure reflects our strength and commitment towards quality through our state of art infrastructure.

Quality :

The most important thing you keep in your mind while purchasing reed is its Quality. Here, at Shreenath we value your trust and money so, we make sure you the best quality reeds at the best price. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards degraded quality products. Our products are highly durable at a reasonable cost. All the products are manufactured with international quality at a reasonable price which makes us better than others.