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These double dented reeds are manufactured with high-quality raw material suitable for all kinds of functioning and brilliantly resistible to the humid surroundings. These possess maximum precision owing to the alignment order of the front side and rear side dents. Double Dented Reeds are commonly used by terry and wool weavers. Also, they possess good wear resistance against weaving friction and abrasive yarn. They are manufactured in such a way that they have excellent structural plasticity with adequate ductility for vibration stress.

They have the perfect air spacing which results in fine fabrics. Super polish treatment is done on these reeds so as to provide increased productivity. These are ideal for maximum speed and are available in low carbon mild steel and stainless steel 430 dent material. In addition to this, the stainless steel dent material has high capacity to withstand against corrosion in humid surroundings. Reeds are available indents width 2.3mm-3mm.

  • Perfect density precision and consistancy throught the reed length
  • Perfect assembly of all part of reed with all close mechanical tolerance
  • Precise alignment of front side dents and rear side dents
  • High quality raw material
  • Super polish treatment of reed dent
  • Run up to highest speed
  • Perfect gradation of fabric without reedmarks
  • Use with high speed and also protect other part of machine from damage
  • Making perfect shape of pile require for terry fabrics
  • Reducting wear & tear and increase life of reed
  • Smooth trouble free weaving without warp breakage & keeps yar damage free
  • Minimize west of time during production
  • Optimise your production by using maximum speed of machine
Technical Specification

Suitable for MachineWamatex, rapier, smith, ruti-c machine
Suitable for FabricTerry towel, special fabric
SizeAvailable in all density like up to 72 count / 36 dpi / 15 dpcm
Dent MaterialAvailable in MS Dents / SS Dents