Shreenath Reed Industries

Water Jet Reed,Sulzer Reed,Rapier Reed,Pich Bound,Double Dented Reed,Comb Reed,Tape Reed,Jute Reed,All Type Of Textile Reed

There are available several assortments of half reeds. These are available in raw material of high quality such as low carbon mild stainless steel 430 and a lot more. It is this stainless steel raw material that provides the reeds high capacity to withstand against corrosion and abrasion as well.

It also has smooth edges on upper sides. Along with that, they have evenly spaced with high quality dent material which is capable of resisting distortion of dents. It is very much easy-to-use and can be easily understandable while doing manual works. Also, they are very much reasonable and affordable while being sufficient for performing all kinds of operations.