Shreenath Reed Industries

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Our needle loom reeds are customized in accordance with the requirements and desires of our clients. Our products are categorized for all kinds of machines. These possess high carbon steel dent material for longer duration of time. In addition to that, these have solder and resin construction gripping dent even after in cut length. They are ideal for high speed machines. The reeds are used for elastic, belts, ribbons looms. There are available in high carbon steel and stainless steel 430 dent materials.

The reeds available with us measure width of 3mm-4mm-6mm. They possess several unparalleled characteristics such as durability, high- end functionality, perfect designs and anti-corrosiveness. We have an array of needle loom reeds available with us that can easily meet all your weaving needs and facilitate you with desirable outcomes and brilliant cloths, without much hassle.

  • Perfect density precision and consistancy throught the reed length
  • Perfect assembly of all part of reed with all close mechanical tolerance
  • High quality raw material
  • Super polish treatment of reed dent
  • Run up to highest speed
  • Perfect gradation of fabric without reedmarks
  • Use with high speed and also protect other part of machine from damage
  • Withstand against corrosion and wear resistancess
  • Smooth trouble free weaving without warp breakage & keeps yar damage free
  • Minimize west of time during production
  • Optimise your production by using maximum speed of machine
Technical Specification

Suitable for MachineTTape Loom, Needle Loom Machine
Suitable for Fabric All Kind Of Narrow Fabrics, Belts, Lace, Elastics Etc
SizeAvailable in all density like up to 120 count / 60 dpi / 24 dpcm
Dent Material High Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel 430L Grade