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Weaving is a job that has been very much popular for a long time till date. In countries like India, weaving finds its way in the hearts of the country. From small cottage industries to large scale textile mills, weaving serves people with great job opportunities and impeccable cloth quality. The cloths in the textile industries are prepared by skilled artists, but to match up the quality standards of the international market, top-notch finishing is done by using handlooms and weaving machines.

The handlooms are equipped with all types of rapier reeds competent of providing with the best quality work and beautiful texture and styles.These types of rapier reeds are hated by none. Owing to their multi-purpose characteristics, the reeds are infamously popular in the international market and are exported across the globe from our homeland.Rapier reeds of all kinds are used by big-time textile owners to increase their production without compromising the quality of the product.

  • Perfect density precision and consistancy throught the reed length
  • Perfect assembly of all part of reed with all close mechanical tolerance
  • High quality raw material
  • Perfect air flow through out length of reed
  • Run up to highest speed
  • Easy to service or repair of airjet reed
  • Perfect gradation of fabric without reedmarks
  • Use with high speed and also protect other part of machine from damage
  • Reducting wear & tear and increase life of reed
  • Smooth trouble free weaving without warp breakage & keeps yar damage free
  • Minimize west of time during production
  • Optimise your production by using maximum speed of machine
Technical Specification

Suitable for MachineRapier Machine
Suitable for FabricDenim, Cotton, Nylone, Polyester, Suiting, Shirting, Silk
SizeAvailable in all density like up to 186 count / 93 dpi / 36 dpcm
Length up to 6 meter
Dent MaterialAvailable in MS Dents / SS Dents