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More often than not, generally consumers do not go for steel reeds due to the eroding issues that arise when it comes to steel or metallic reeds. Quite evidently not many companies offer rustproof steel reeds. But, hopefully there are some manufacturers who manufacture steel reeds that are rust free and durable. They possess maximum strength work efficiently as well.

The reeds are prepared as per the set norms and standards of the textile industry. They deliver best results in lesser time and matches up to the international standards. The steel used in the making of the reeds holds a great value, thus; using good quality steel becomes quintessential as well. The reed is exclusively manufactured to suit ever changing needs and requirements of the textile industries and prevents wear and tear up to an extent.

  • Perfect density precision and consistancy throught the reed length
  • Perfect assembly of all part of reed with all close mechanical tolerance
  • High quality raw material
  • Super polish treatment of reed dent
  • Run up to highest speed
  • Perfect gradation of fabric without reedmarks
  • Use with high speed and also protect other part of machine from damage
  • Reducting wear & tear and increase life of reed
  • Smooth trouble free weaving without warp breakage & keeps yar damage free
  • Minimize west of time during production
  • Optimise your production by using maximum speed of machine
Technical Specification

Suitable for MachinePicanol Company
Suitable for FabricDenim, Cotton, Nylone, Polyester, Suiting, Shirting, Silk
SizeAvailable in all density like up to 186 count / 93 dpi / 36 dpcm
Length up to 6 meter
Dent MaterialAvailable in MS Dents / SS Dents